Moku:Lab by Liquid Instruments

Replace multiple pieces of equipment with a single device at a fraction of the cost.

Moku:Lab couples high-speed analog inputs and outputs to fast reconfigurable digital signal processing. Moku:Lab can measure, record and generate signals from DC to 200 MHz. 

Specifications Summary

2 high-speed inputs

  • 500 MS/s, 12-bit ADCs

  • 200 MHz bandwidth (-3 dB, 50 Ω)

  • 50 Ω or 1 MΩ impedance

  • AC / DC coupling

  • 1 Vpp / 10 Vpp

  • < 30 nV/√Hz above 100 kHz at 1 Vpp input range

2 high-bandwidth DC coupled outputs (analog)

  • 1 GS/s, 16-bit DACs

  • > 300 MHz bandwidth (-3 dB)

  • 2 Vpp

  • 50 Ω impedance

  • DC coupled

Ultra-stable clocks
and external triggering

  • Ultra-stable oscillator with better than 500 ppb accuracy

  • 10 MHz reference input

  • 10 MHz reference output

  • External trigger input

Convenient connectivity
and storage

  • Connect to your Moku:Lab via Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB

  • Control your Moku:Lab using iPad, Python, LabVIEW and MATLAB interfaces

  • Save data to Dropbox, email, SD card, or Moku:Lab’s internal RAM

  • Comes with a 16 GB SD card



Moku:Lab by Liquid Instruments

Moku:Lab puts the power of multiple instruments at your fingertips. Moku:Lab hardware can be reconfigured in a matter of seconds to perform an entirely different function. Switch between an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, waveform generator, phase meter, data logger, or lock-in amplifier right from the intuitive Moku:Lab App for iPad, with many more instruments coming soon.

Inputs and Outputs

With DC-coupled, low noise analog inputs and outputs (2 channels of each), you can measure and generate signals from a single device.

Moku:Lab by Liquid Instruments

Analog inputs: Moku:Lab's DC to 200 MHz inputs can be switched between 50 Ω/1 MΩ and AC/DC coupling. For optimizing dynamic range, the 500 MS/s 12-bit ADCs are coupled to an analog front end featuring two gain ranges (± 5 V and ±0.5 V) switchable via the iPad.

Analog outputs: Moku:Lab outputs can drive a  50 Ω load with 2 Vpp at frequencies up to 200 MHz. The 16-bit DACs coupled with custom-designed output conditioning produce extremely precise signals.

Made for iPad

Moku:Lab by Liquid Instruments

The iPad is the perfect partner for Moku:Lab. The slot in the top of Moku:Lab provides a solid stand for your iPad. The slot is also a great place to leave your lab's iPad at the end of the day so you always know where to find it when you return. 

Moku:Lab's back panel has a full-sized USB port just for charging your device, so it will be juiced up when you need it. 

Minimum requirements: iPad, iPad Air or iPad mini 2 running iOS 8 or later. 

Fully Connected

Wi-Fi: Moku:Lab was designed with modern networking technologies in mind.  High-speed Wi-Fi lets you interact with your experiment as you move around the lab.

No Wi-Fi in your lab? The Moku:Lab can host its own Wi-Fi network for the iPad to connect to.

Ethernet: For labs where Wi-Fi is not allowed, Moku:Lab has Ethernet and even an airplane mode that turns off its radio hardware. 

SD storage: Moku:Lab comes with an 8 GB SD card and with the included Moku:DataLogger instrument you can to perform unsupervised, reliable data logging. Set up an overnight measurement run and the data will be retrieved once you reconnect. 

Precision and Speed

With an internal ultra-stable oscillator and a 10 MHz input and output for synchronization, Moku:Lab provides the timing precision needed for professional scientific measurements.

Moku:Lab features low latency throughput (sub-microsecond input to output delay), a critical factor for closed-loop control applications.  

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